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the other day ...

the other day ...

Feb 4

Blaaah. Quarterlife crisis.

… Do I not pet you enough?

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Nov 4

Zz.Waiting. Waiting. Always waiting.
Drew this in the meanwhile. Playing with Fiftythree’s gorgeous ‘Paper’ app again.

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Do I want to buy a 3DS (XL) because of Pokemon?
Yes. But no.
But pokemon… So yes.
But money and time… So no.

There’s been a lingering scent for the past week, and I just figured out what it was. One of the dogs smell like that random anti-dandruff shampoo…

What. ._.

Me, at work…

The estimator.
The IT technician.
The accountant.
The housekeeper.
The receptionist.
(That last one is the worst part. Especially, since I still cannot deal with phonecalls very well.

'Real life' wasn't meant to turn out like this. D:

More Lola

LolaPirateWhen boredom strikes at work… You make your dog a pirate hat out of scrap paper and random stationery.
// Also, I may or may not have coloured her eyebrows with pink and yellow highlighters… xD
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LolaCarAnd this is what my little weirdo does in the car… With her little legs dangling there on each side of the seat. She has always done this; I have no idea why.
She just climbs up there and makes herself comfortable in that spot for the rest of the ride. IDK.
Heh, who needs a cat when you have a Lola. <3 

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May 6


Officially graduated today, and received my most hard-earned and most expensive piece of paper :D

Degree equipped: INT + 400 
// and maybe I’ll come back and add a drawing when I can get back to my computer.

May 4



Faber Castell’s 250 Year Anniversary (1761-2011) Art & Graphic Case

why is there porn on my dash!?

there are children on this website

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May 1

loladesk Lola please, I’m trying to work.

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